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The West Midlands is the heart of Britain. Home to three cities, four boroughs, and a royal town. The cradle of the industrial revolution, now fast becoming a capital of enterprise and a green workshop of the world. The cross-roads of the country and the new High Speed rail network. Proud host of the Commonwealth Games and City of Culture. One of the most diverse places in Europe - and one of the youngest. A place where people know how to live together well. Ours is a place that makes history and builds futures. And we’re determined the future will be better than the past.


The West Midlands Forum brings together leaders from politics, industry, business and unions, universities and colleges, the creative, cultural and third sectors, public life and public administration to research, publish and debate new ideas for heart of Britain. We work to build a shared understanding of how to best unlock our the full measure of our incredible potential and the common good for our region’s future - along with the change, decisions, and policies needed to turn that vision into reality. We aim to build consensus for action on the progressive causes we can champion together. And we help take the region’s case to decision-makers in the corridors of power in Parliament and Whitehall. 


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