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Harnessing the Power of We

The next decade will be defined by how the businesses and communities of the West Midlands worked together to produce an economic renaissance by unleashing the talent hidden within the region’s marginalised communities.

Charities will work together to produce the evidence that enables the Combined Authority to implement policy that addresses inequality. Front-line voluntary sector organisations will receive the support they need to provide the first steps for the economically inactive to engage in programmes such as skills builder and start their journey towards meaningful, rewarding and sustainable work. The funding for this will come from corporate social responsibility, loans and fund raising.

Employers will work with major charities to define the essential and technical skills required to grow their green credentials. These skills will be delivered through a combination of FE and HE with the essential skills for specific job roles delivered in schools from age eleven.

Employers will be happy to invest because they will see that the quality of new recruits and those on traineeships and apprenticeships will be very close to what they need. Employers will contribute directly to regional and local levies that will overcome the issues experienced in 2022 concerning the employability of young and not so young people.

The creative and arts sectors across the region will engage with those on their journey to work to lead innovation and creative problem solving.

In 2032, across the West Midlands, diverse sources of talent will find their way to employers who recognise the value of cognitive diversity and essential skills, and these employers will become international exemplars of the best in business, world-wide.


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